Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites is a user-generated social bookmarking and content rating site that shares Google Adsense Adspace with its members. You also get a backlink to the sites bookmarked.

Join the site for free and submit/bookmark your links. A page is created with every link you bookmark.

There are 3 Adsense ad blocks displayed on this  page. Your Ads...  more is a social networking and online bookmarking site, that in my opinion, is the most user-friendly and feature-rich site on the internet today. TagFoot has several features similar to sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Del.Icio.Us, Twitter and more all rolled onto one site.more is an online platform that allows you to upload photos and videos, create blogs and write articles on their site and generate revenue through 100% Google Adsense Revenue Sharing program.  more


HubPages is an online publishing platform where users can write/create a hub for free. A hub is a one-page information site that can be built easily and with several features using modules. You are given several modules such as Text, Video, Guestbook, Voting and many others which you can use t...  more

Xomba is another great website that shares 50% of their Google Adsense adspace with their members. is a free to join publishing site that allows anyone to submit short notes called Xomblurbs or long articles called Xombytes to their websites and immediately start e...  more

InfoBarrel  is an online publishing platform where anyone can join for free and submit their text or video content and then share in the Google Adsense adspace on every page.



AddBlogUrl is a social news, bookmarking and networking site that gives 100% of the Adsense adblocks to their members.

Members can join AddBlogUrl for free and submit stories/links to interesting sites on the web. Eve...  more - Adsense Revenue Share Site is a new online publishing site that shares 60% of it's Adsense Ad impressions with its members. Sign up for free at PageBump and start writing your unique articles and earn from Google Adsense.

For every 10 times your published article on PageBump is viewed, 6 times your Adsense codes will be used on all the Adsense ads on that page. The remainder ...  more - Adsense Income 

Snipsly is a new website that allows you to turn your writing into cash - Google Adsense cash. Snipsly allows anyone to post just about any kind of content they would like. Authors with Google Adsense accounts can keep 80% of the advertising revenue from their articles.

You will need to create an account with Google Adsense first. Google will give you a Publisher ID number. In y...  more

FoodLoversWeb - Adsense Revenue Sharing is a food social network where food lovers can view and share recipes, cooking tips and other food and cooking stories with other foodies. It is a place for foodies to connect with one another and share and enjoy their passion.

FoodLoversWeb also shares 50% of their Google Adsense advertisement spac...  more - Adsense Sharing Article Site is a brand new website where you can write articles or reviews and participate in their Adsense revenue sharing program. The website is created by the same people who developed the successful social bookmarking site -

more Adsense Revenue Sharing Article Site 

Are you knowledgeable about a particular topic?  Do you enjoy writing or simply have a passion for your hobby or profession which you just have to share?  Would you like to earn a supplemental income writing about your interests?  If so, it sounds like you're ready to join and become a author!


Wizzley - Adsense - Amazon - Zazzle Revenue Sharing Article Writing Site is a brand new content publishing website that has a very interesting and generous revenue sharing scheme for content publishers. A hybrid between Squidoo an...  more